Ski Runs

Arrival 24 09- 2023
Departure 25 09- 2023

Harenda is 3,950 m ski runs with varying degree of difficulty. The runs are illuminated, covered by snow cannons and prepared by means of snow tucks. Outside of the pistes, visitors can enjoy the ice rink, snowpark or eat something in the tavern. There is a ski school at the facility and you can sign up for it directly at the reception.

  • The 4-person chairlift to the top of Rafaczówka measuring 600 m, 210 m elevation gain and the capacity of 2,400 people per hour (ride time – 3 min. 43 seconds, number of couches – 73), with swing tape;
  • platter lift, length 470 m, elevation gain 100 m and capacity of 700 persons per hour;
  • platter lift, length 250 m, elevation gain 30 m and capacity of 720 persons per hour;
  • platter lift, length 80 m, elevation gain 15 m and capacity of 250 persons per hour.

The station has 2 lifts:

  • 4-person platter lift, length 950 m, elevation gain 137 m and capacity of 2200 persons per hour;
  • t-bar lift, length 400 m.

Along each lift there is a ski run:

  • along the 4-person lift the run is blue, in the upper portion it has 3 variants. Mean slope of the run – 20%;
  • along the t-bar lift - green run (that is very easy according to the old nomenclature).

Kasprowy Wierch is a widely known ski resort. 3 cableways are present around the peak. These are as follows:

  • the “Kasprowy Wierch” cableway from Kuźnice, it is a cable car;
  • the “Hala Goryczkowa” chairlift, it is a cableway with 2-person chairs;
  • the “Hala Gąsienicowa” chairlift, it is a cableway with 4-person chairs.

The Nosal Ski Training Centre consists of 5 safe, non-crossing ski runs on which the Licensed Ski School STRAMA carries out courses for children according to the original 6 Badges of the Stramuś Bear programme and courses for adults. All training routes are clearly visible and easily accessible, which increases the sense of security and allows parents to see their children skiing.

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